5 Things to Know About Home Staging

5 Things to Know About Home Staging

  • Mike Knoll
  • 07/17/22

However far along you are in the process of selling your home—whether you’ve just begun considering it or you've already listed your property—there are some proven techniques that can help you sell your home quickly and for greater profit.
Home staging is an easy and cost-effective solution that gives sellers an advantage to spotlight their home’s best features and offer prospective buyers a better idea about the property’s full potential. Below we offer some of the benefits of staging your home, and easy ways to employ this technique.

Creates a favorable first impression

Living in the digital age, you probably rely on your smartphone or other mobile devices to help with your day-to-day decision-making. Conducting quick research of an item or product you may be interested in purchasing has become standard practice.
A home purchase is no exception. 90% of home buyers searched online during their homebuying process, and real estate-related searches on Google have grown 253% over the past four years. As evidenced, the quick access of imagery and information is one of the ways home buyers narrow down their choices when it comes to buying a home.
Since online impressions are often first impressions, it's important to highlight the significance of home staging when listing your home on online platforms. A well-staged home viewed online is typically a precursor for an in-person tour, and one of the reasons why home staging is a critical initial step in grabbing the attention of the right buyers.

Adds greater appeal and allure

Home is usually a place where life happens. With children growing and families visiting, the home is a hub for energy, excitement, and active living. However, the reality is that not all homes are as pristine as a model home.
Dust and clutter may build up, and with little ones in the household, many people choose to not invest in luxury furniture. That said, one of the benefits of staging your home is its ability to create a more luxurious environment to attract prospective buyers.
Another benefit is not having to invest in new furniture and decor to add to your home’s allure. Research trusted sources, or talk with your realtor about how to create a minimalist environment and utilize furnishings and items already found at your home using basic design rules and staging techniques.

Buyers need help visualizing a space

When looking at new properties for potential purchase, many homebuyers struggle to imagine a home’s potential and are unsure about how to envision creating a look unique to each room. A few pieces are all it takes to offer a better sense of relation to a room’s proportions—for instance, a simple kitchen table or a framed artwork on the wall.
Staging also helps sellers strategize about what pieces will remain in the house and what items to store if they plan on living in the home through the home sale process. Agents who routinely work with buyer-clients gauge the impact of staging, and according to 82% of buyers’ agents, a staged home is a great way for buyers to visualize a home’s potential.
According to real estate professionals, a staged home often leads to a higher sales price and quick sales. A report from the National Association of Realtors (NARs) estimates that 23% of buyers’ and sellers’ agents see home staging leading to increases in the price offered between 1% and 5% to unstaged similar homes.

According to the same report, 31% of listing agents said staging also reduced the time a home spent on the market. Even more fascinating, NARs reveals that for every $100 invested in staging, sellers can expect a potential return of $400.

A professional’s perspective

Whether it’s your first time selling a  home or you’re experienced in the real estate market, the reality is that there is a multitude of resources available to tell you the dos and don’ts of home staging. In recent years, television programming has seen shifts to more home-centric shows. Programs that spotlight buying, selling, and remodeling are shaping the way consumers think about what homes should look like.
A large number of buyers indicate their preference for homes staged to look like those on TV. The reality is that this programming can often distort the perceptions of buyers which may impact the purchasing process.
It’s important to remember that reality television shows don't reflect the reality of purchasing real estate. The look on a TV show isn’t indicative of the amount of time it realistically takes to put together an appealing staged home. Relying on these TV shows creates a cycle of disappointment for prospective buyers.
While these types of programming promote general education for home buyers and sellers, relying on a real estate professional and a professional staging company is likely the best way to get the most from your home staging experience.
When you consult with a professional, you’re able to gauge what will capture a buyer's interest in addition to exploring exciting new designs to use for your home’s staging. A professional’s perspective will help you avoid unnecessary costs and give you the best insight for creating an elegant and polished staged area.
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