7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Kirkwood Home’s Curb Appeal

7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Kirkwood Home’s Curb Appeal

  • Mike Knoll
  • 07/20/22

Steeped in a rich and storied past, amid two- and three-story Victorian, Tudor, and Italianate villa-style homes harking to the 1860–70s, you’ll find the St. Louis enclave of Kirkwood. Ranked as one of the best places to live in Missouri, Kirkwood is a vibrant community with charm to spare.
Take a stroll down any of Kirkwood’s idyllic tree-canopied streets and admire the lovely details unique to each home. Kirkwood homes for sale include marvelous gables, spacious wrap-around front porches, delicately screened verandas, and a backdrop of expansive wooded lots.
Kirkwood real estate offers an enviable allure, but if you may want to create an even more significant impact with your home’s curb appeal. If so, consider the following simple solutions. They can boost the value of your beautiful home and make it stand out.

Maintain or improve your lawn

There’s something special about a lush, verdant pasture of a lawn — it signals a homeowner’s love for their property. If you're considering listing your home, your front yard makes the first impression on passersby and prospective buyers.
Enhancing your property’s curb appeal should begin with proper care and maintenance of the lawn. Lawn care is a straightforward task that shouldn't develop into a large-scale project. For good lawn care, mow, rake leaves, and pull weeds. Consistent watering will keep it healthy and prevent it from developing brown spots.

Add color and blooms

A quick solution to impact your home’s curb appeal is adding color to your landscape using plants and flowers. Gardening offers homeowners a way to enhance a dull landscape by incorporating flowers and plants with a pop of color.
Many Kirkwood homes for sale feature wrap-around porches; consider hanging planters or window boxes with beautiful blooms to draw attention to the porch and its unique features. Visit a local nursery like O.K. Hatchery or consult an expert to learn about flora native to Kirkwood.
Consider using some of these varieties in your home. Rest assured, you don’t need to add too much — even a single potted plant can transform your home’s exterior beautifully.

Spruce up your front door

There’s nothing that says welcome better than a cheerful and vibrant door. The front door is a great way to add a signature look to your home for increased curb appeal. Choose a bold color to accentuate other colors of your home’s exterior, and don’t be afraid to embrace something different. An adventurous choice can add so much to an already beautiful exterior.
Painting your front door is also a cost-effective solution to give your home's exterior an entirely new look. This simple DIY project can be done in a few hours. What's more, it requires little or no experience. If you can't find the perfect color, the Front Door Paint app is a great way to choose and try a color in a virtual setting before commencing your project.

Look to symmetry

Symmetry offers a great way to create focal points for your home’s exterior and emphasizes a more polished and organized look. You can achieve a symmetrical look by placing your outdoor lanterns, porch lights, or plants on either side of your front door.
If you have limited space on your entryway, consider using symmetry in other areas of your home, for instance, the garage or the sidewalk leading to your front door. Symmetrical patterns add elegance and allure to your home; they're a simple way to enhance your home’s curb appeal.
Symmetrical patterns create focal points that are aesthetically pleasing and instantly make your home look more attractive. Achieve the look by decorating your front door with matching wall lanterns or plants on either side. You can beautify your garage door if you don’t have enough space at your entryway.

Update your mailbox

The impact of a stylish mailbox is often overlooked. Updating your home’s mailbox is a quick and easy way to create a more updated look for your home. A new mailbox is a subtle way to improve your home’s curb appeal without breaking the bank.
You can customize your home’s exterior by painting your mailbox to complement your home’s front door or using a color combination that works well with other accents around your home.

Power wash and clear debris

A simple solution to enhance your home’s curb appeal is to clean gutters thoroughly, ensuring all kinds of debris are removed. Scrubbing the outside of gutters is an easy, cost-effective way to have them look as good as new.
Many homeowners underestimate the amount of dirt and grime that accumulates around a home’s exterior over time. Your home’s exterior, including the walkway, driveway, and siding, traps dirt and creates a less-than-pristine look. Fortunately, a power washer cuts through grime to make your home sparkle. Power washers have various settings to tackle most dirt. They're affordable and readily available, so if you don’t already own a power washer, you can rent or buy it from your local hardware store or an online store.

Create the look of an oasis

Emphasize your home’s allure by using porch and patio furniture that reflects the home’s comfort and style. You can show off a wrap-around porch with tasteful furniture that promotes a warm and welcoming feeling.
For homes without a porch or ample space, a simple ceramic stool for seating provides a great accent and can be paired with a small table adorned with an elegant planter for added allure. Create a relaxed atmosphere with the quantity and quality of the pieces you incorporate. The goal is to add warmth and charm without becoming too cluttered or derailing the home’s appeal.
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