4 Interior Design Tips for Your Ladue Home

4 Interior Design Tips for Your Ladue Home

  • Mike Knoll
  • 06/13/22

Whether you're a buyer of Ladue real estate or an owner of a Ladue home, you have a beautiful canvas to begin an interior design project. St. Louis residents covet Ladue real estate for its lush, green curb appeal, stately homes, and stunning architecture.
This zip code is one of the most popular in the area for enthusiasts of luxury real estate. People who move to Ladue are usually planning to stay a while in these residential homes, which means that the design should be the ideal picture you imagined on your house hunt.
Designing a home can feel like a daunting task, especially if you do it yourself. Suddenly, the square footage you were excited about when looking for a house is slightly panic-inducing. If you’re moving with furniture from a previous home, you might realize it doesn’t work in your new space, so your plans may begin to devolve.
The best way to tackle the interior design of luxury homes is to get organized. While interior design is a creative process, there are so many elements at play with an ample space that it's easy to get sidetracked. Here are a few easy tips to help you establish your vision in no time!

Get personal

An interior design is about so much more than how a home looks. A home is your sanctuary, the only place where you can control the circumstances of your lifestyle. That is why so many people want to own a home! There is no other purchase that adds as much freedom to your life.
Before starting with fabric samples and color swatches, brainstorm what activities make you happiest in your home. Do your friends stay with you often? Do you love entertaining? Is it most important that your children have space for activities? Do you want to have a family dinner every night?

Once you have those answers, then think of the ideal scenarios for these activities and events. If you want to host many dinner parties, maybe you want to focus on the dining room and the kitchen. If you like having family and friends come to visit, designate the rooms that you’ll use as guest rooms. Once you have a goal, you can make a plan. It is easy to build the creative details on top of that cornerstone.

Let the house speak loudest

When a home is built as artfully as the homes in Ladue, it can inform the design conveniently. The house’s elements are design pieces in and of themself. Sometimes, it's better not to crowd the ambiance that an architecturally intricate home creates. If the bones of your home have a decorative or attractive flare already, consider a more minimalist design. This approach can be breathtaking when done right and creates an airy serenity in the space.
Stick within a color range that is calming and close in shades to one another. Reduce busy accessorization and choose furniture that will act as a focal point. Light is what elevates a minimalist design to keep it from being dull or bare. Pick light fixtures that pop and ensure every room has multiple light sources. This style also makes your home much easier to clean and stays in fashion for much longer. Minimalism is also an excellent choice for owners staging their Ladue homes for sale.

Put the fabric first

If practical elements like furniture and function are the cornerstone of your design, the fabric is the studs. So much of bringing your taste and personality to design is in your fabric choices. Imagine a bed with no linens or a couch without pillows or blankets; they’re lifeless! Imagine a couch with an array of throw pillows in your chosen color scheme with different textures and a cozy blanket draped over the back. This option is much more inviting.
Spend time on your fabric choices, and don’t be afraid to choose bold options that speak to you. If you have a lot of white walls or a bare space, the fabric can easily breathe energy into a room. This is also a good tip if you have furniture from a previous home you want to keep, but you don’t like how it looks in the new space. Having items reupholstered is an easy fix, so you can keep your beloved couch without needing to squint whenever you enter the living room.

Storage matters

While many modern appliances have pleasing designs, most of them are a bit of an eyesore. You only have so much control over how your refrigerator looks. When countertops and bookshelves are full of appliances, the design can get overpowered by their messy appearances. Using mechanisms that hide these life necessities makes the space look cleaner and allows the design to take center stage.
If a red espresso machine isn’t your vibe, use some of the cabinetry as an appliance garage and tuck things away that you don’t need as often. Look into furniture or mountings that let you hide televisions and media centers when they’re not in use. On the opposite end of the spectrum, storage can be a modern way to use your belongings as part of the design. Open shelving, glass pantries, and built-in bookshelves are elegant and in fashion.
The most important design element is, of course, you! Your home should make you happy before it meets any other guidelines. For buyers and sellers without an agent, reach out to Michael Knoll. Peruse a few Ladue homes for sale without leaving yours — check out Michael’s TikTok page and contact him today to find your next dream home!

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