5 Things to Know before Selecting a Real Estate Agent in Kirkwood

5 Things to Know before Selecting a Real Estate Agent in Kirkwood

  • Mike Knoll
  • 04/8/22

Are you ready to buy or sell a house in Kirkwood, MO?  It's definitely an exciting time in the real estate market!  Homes in Kirkwood are in high demand as more people are looking to live in this desirable community.  But, before you begin working with a real estate agent, what are the most important points to remember?

1. How much Experience Do They Have? 🤔

How long has someone been selling real estate is an important point to know.  The Kirkwood market is moving so fast these days that you need to make sure your agent understands how to price a home in an appreciating market and how to structure your offer to buy a home when there are, likely, more than one offer.

Mike Knoll has been a full time Realtor for 21 years.  He takes the time to focus on pricing and what makes sense from a short term and long term perspective.  As a seller, you want to make sure your price your home just right so that you end up netting the highest amount.  As a buyer, sometimes it makes sense to go over the asking price and sometimes it does not.  These sorts of conversations are important.

2. Where Do They Live? 🏡

How active is your agent in the community?  Do they know all there is to do and what everyday life is like?  Where are the best grocery stores, markets, shops and services?  If you are going to buy or sell in Kirkwood, look for someone who knows the community so that this becomes a part of your selling or buying strategy.  Downtown Kirkwood keeps adding new businesses all the time.  It's become quite a lively spot.

Mike is a resident of Kirkwood and loves living here.  He has been remodeling a mid-century modern home from the 1950s in the historic Barrett Brae neighborhood.  Kirkwood has so many different types of homes and pocket neighborhoods.  It's always great to work with someone who understands this and can share the pluses and minuses of different locations.  Luckily, most of Kirkwood is a great location!

3. What Do They Know About Remodeling and Construction? 🛠

The housing stock in Kirkwood ranges from brand new construction to homes that are anywhere from 50-100 years old - and everything in between.  New construction has become common where an older home was torn down and replaced with a brand new one.  If you are going to buy or sell in Kirkwood, it is very helpful to work with an agent who understands construction and remodeling.  You want someone who can help you find issues with the house before you are too far along in the process.  If you are looking to replace kitchens or baths, as is often necessary, you want someone who understands the costs associated with this sort of work.

Mike has remodeled over 20 homes and is an excellent resource when it comes to being able to look our for possible issues and advise on what a project may cost.  When you are bidding on a home and plan to do this sort of work, you need to make sure you are paying the right price in relation to what else you will be investing in the property.

4. Does the School District Matter? 🎓

One of the driving factors of the home values is the strong reputation of the Kirkwood School District.  Even if you don't have kids or your children attend private school, the Kirkwood School District actually adds value to your home.  There are several communities that surround Kirkwood like Des Peres and Glendale that feed into Kirkwood schools. 

Mike will always share school details with you and will be mindful of what your goals are with your home purchase.  Some homes sit in the Kirkwood zip code but are in a different school district.  It's important to look out for these things.  He recently had clients who bought in Kirkwood because of the schools even though their children are all grown. 

5. What is their Negotiation Strategy? 💰

Right now we are in a major Seller's Market.  Homes are selling very fast and for increased amounts.  The whole St. Louis region is in a strong market and Kirkwood is one of the best.  It may seem easy to put a home on the market and get it sold quickly.  But you could be leaving $$$ on the table if you don't have a solid pricing strategy from the start.  Pricing a home too high can actually result you losing more money vs. had you priced it too low.  If you are a buyer, you need to come up with a plan to make sure your offer gets noticed and accepted!

Mike is monitoring prices everyday.  He looks to see how quickly things are selling, how much over the asking price they are selling for and what sort of shifts are happening in the market.  Seller's markets can end without much notice.  After selling homes for 21 years, Mike is well aware that a good market one day can suddenly feel like a slow market in a matter of weeks.  You want to stay on top of all economic trends to make a good long term strategy. 


If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Kirkwood, make sure you take these points into consideration.  It's a wonderful place to call home and the process can be smooth if you have the right plan in place.  

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