What to Know About the Current Kirkwood Real Estate Market

What to Know About the Current Kirkwood Real Estate Market

  • Mike Knoll
  • 04/28/22

Kirkwood is a beautiful, historic community just outside of St. Louis. It’s the type of community that many of today’s home buyers are looking for: welcoming, with a solid number of luxury homes for sale and an active, vibrant lifestyle. For those considering moving into the area, it’s essential to learn about the Kirkwood real estate market and its opportunities. For many, Kirkwood homes are the ideal choice for their privacy, architectural beauty, and overall value.

There's a lot to love about what Kirkwood has to offer. For those considering buying here, it's important to consider multiple factors before putting your money into a purchase. That includes the area's amenities and benefits and current market conditions.

What is the Kirkwood housing market like right now?

As of February 2022, Kirkwood has seen significant interest from buyers. Home values continue to rise year over year in the area. That is a valuable reason to focus on buying here. Most believe that the area will continue to see increasing demand from home buyers for months and years. That could mean that those who buy now will save money compared to waiting a few years. Of course, there’s no way to know what the future holds. For many people in the area, though, the region has proven to be reliable in real estate growth over the short and long term.

Inventory is another factor. Kirkwood is known for its beautiful homes, and homes sell quickly, often within a few weeks of being listed. It is not uncommon to see a house sell within a few days. Home values have ticked up in some Kirkwood areas due to this very competitive market, and bidding wars can occur.

Home styles available in Kirkwood

One of the reasons Kirkwood real estate is so desirable is that the neighborhood offers a wide range of home styles. There are some condos and apartments here. However, most of the area offers single-family homes. These range in size from 1,800 square feet up to 4,500 square feet.

When it comes to home styles, the area has much to offer. That includes both colonial revival and dutch colonial revival homes. There are also mission-style homes, Tudors, and a wide range of early 20th-century styles. It’s hard to overlook the Victorian, two, and three-story homes that line that downtown area. Some of these historic homes are charming examples of the growth and development of this area of St. Louis.

When it comes to charming homes with character, you’ll find these on every street in Kirkwood. There are some new development and growth areas, but it is also likely that home buyers will still want to explore these older-style homes.

Why live in Kirkwood?

For those looking for a community that’s rich in history and culture, Kirkwood is an outstanding fit. Numerous homes and buildings in the area are on the National Register of Historic Places. Some exceptional local events make this area special, such as the Kirkwood Farmer's Market, which has been going on for decades. It’s a hotspot and the perfect place to get what you need for the week.

The community has much to offer outside of the downtown business district and historic areas. A visit to the Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center gives the chance to find rest in this urban area. Make sure to stop at the Laumeier Sculpture Park and the 92-acre Kirkwood Park, which offers the recreation center and an ice arena that helps to make this community enriching.

Kirkwood, also known for the railroad that's still in use in the heart of the city, has even more to offer. That includes a fabulous number of restaurants and cafes right in the heart of the city. Most of these are locally owned shops and artisan locations, some of which have been around for decades. This shopping district, which runs along Kirkwood Road from Monroe to Adams, is an excellent place to find just what you need, from bakeries to steakhouses.

Kirkwood is also known for its many amenities, including the athletic fields for all sports programs available for adults and kids, the hiking trails through densely wooded areas, and locations like the Reim Theater, a 500-seat performing arts center in the heart of the park. The area also has a large number of local festivals throughout the year.

While a part of the St. Louis Metro area, Kirkwood is its own treasure. It has a combination of outdoor beauty and historical museums and buildings throughout. For those looking for something special, this could be the market to consider purchasing in.

What to know before buying a home in Kirkwood

Because the homes for sale in Kirkwood, Miss., can be limited throughout the year due to a lack of inventory in many of the most desirable areas, it's crucial to work with a real estate agent who can help you navigate the ups and downs of this area. Here are some things to consider.

Home types

While houses are the most common option here, there are some older Kirkwood condominiums. For those who want to take advantage of the location being so close to St. Louis and want a moderately-sized living space, condos can work well. Single-family homes of all sizes continue to be the most in-demand.

Buy fast

Work with a lender to have your financing in place before you head out to find a home for sale. The reason for this is simple; the luxury homes for sale in Kirkwood tend to sell quickly. That means they could be under contract within a matter of days. The key here is to have the financing in place so that when the perfect property comes on the market, you can bid fast and buy what you desire.


Kirkwood has four main neighborhoods, including Briar Hill Farms, Chester Heights, Buena Vista Heights, and Meacham Park. Each has its own character and style, though some are more affluent than others. Some of the most valuable real estate in the area is found in the city's northern area, but there's also quite a range of pricing throughout the area. Many custom homes are located in the Meacham Park area, though this area also tends to have the fewest homes for sale at any given time.


Home values are likely to rise year after year in this area. That can provide home buyers with access to equity within years. It is not one of the hottest growing real estate markets in St. Louis, but it has refined amenities and high-quality homes that keep its values steady and growing at a more manageable place.

Investment opportunities

It is possible to find investment opportunities in the Kirkwood real estate market. There are rental properties throughout the area, including condos and single-family homes. Because home values have grown significantly over the last few years, many people have been pushed to remain in the rental market, creating demand for quality rental property. Those who can purchase now and maintain long-term may find this the ideal place to buy an investment property.

Finding the right property for you

When it comes to investing in real estate in the Kirkwood market, you need the help of a real estate agent who knows it well. There is a lot of competition here, but there is also a lot to find in this market, making it a fabulous place to call home. For those looking for help, Mike Knoll is here to help you.

Take the time now to reach out to the team to learn about what’s on the market and how well this market can meet your needs. The team is ready to help you find your dream home located in the heart of Kirkwood and its many amenities. You also can find Mike on Tiktok!

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